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January 2022 Season

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Previous studies

2021 – June

COURSE: Panorama of Peruvian viceregal music

This course provides a set of conceptual tools for understanding musical events in Peruvian society through the centuries. A panorama of everything that has been preserved in documentary sources of various kinds is offered: chronicles, stories, religious texts, vocabularies …

Teacher: Aurelio Tello
Price: S/260.00

COURSE: Sources of viceregal painting in European art: the Italian Baroque

The course comprises four modules on the general topic of analysis of the sources of painting viceregal in European art and will encompass Baroque painting in Italy, developed in its context of creation during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, from the work of Caravaggio to Tiepolo.

Teacher: Ricardo Estabridis Cárdenas
Price: S/260.00

COURSE: The fate of the Incas: the political, economic and cultural role of the Inca elite

The course focuses on the role of the Cuzco indigenous elite, descendants of the Inca governors in the political, economic and sociocultural spheres, during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, with special attention to elements of continuity related to their lineages, properties, organization and artistic expression.

Teacher: Ronald Elward Haagsma
Price: S/260.00

2021 – May

COURSE: Liturgical ornaments and the art of scholarly embroidery in the Viceroyalty of Peru

The course brings participants closer to understanding a set of garments of a singular character, which has remained hidden from the public eyes, kept in the drawers of churches and reflects the Christian practices developed during the viceregal period to the present day. Liturgical ornaments are undoubtedly significant works of textile art …

Teacher: Emma Victorio Cánovas
Price: S/260.00

COURSE: Identification, Registration and Systematization of Pre-Hispanic Movable Cultural Assets

The course will provide basic notions on the procedures for the identification and the processes for the inventory, registration and cataloging of pre-Hispanic movable cultural assets in relation to their classification by materials. Likewise, elementary knowledge about the denomination, manufacturing techniques and decoration will be facilitated …

Teacher: Dacio Quispe Contreras
Price: S/260.00

COURSE: Sources of viceregal painting in European art: Italian mannerism

The course comprises four modules on the general theme of analysis of the sources of viceregal painting in European art and will cover Mannerism painting in Italy, developed in its context of creation and projection to other production centers, since the death of Raphael of Sanzio in 1520 until the end of the 16th century.

Teacher: Ricardo Estabridis Cárdenas
Price: S/260.00

2021- April

COURSE: Sources of viceregal painting in European art: Renaissance

The course comprises four modules on the general theme of analysis of the sources of viceregal painting in European art and will cover Renaissance painting and sculpture in Italy, developed in its context of creation in Florence and its projection to other production centers, from the 15th century until the death of Raphael de Sanzio.

Teacher: Ricardo Estabridis
Price: S/260.00

COURSE: The viceroyalty of Peru in the first globalization

The Spanish occupation of the Andes coincides with the beginning of the first European globalization (16th to 18th centuries), the development of modern capitalism and the consolidation and crisis of the Spanish overseas empire.

Teacher: Carlos Gálvez
Price: S/260.00

COURSE: The Baroque routes: The Baroque in the Netherlands and its legacy for viceregal art

The course aims to provide and promote an analysis of Baroque Art in the Netherlands and its influence on the development of Viceregal Art. This analysis, with a stylistic approach, will be reinforced by a description of the European historical-artistic context and the biographies of the most prominent painters.

Teacher: Giulia Degano
Price: S/260.00

2021 – March

COURSE: Religious beliefs and practices in New Spain, 16th-17th centuries

The course will examine, first, the establishment of the Catholic Church and indigenous evangelization to understand the subsequent emergence of ideas around death and eternal life. The second part of the course will be dedicated to devotional practices: the worship of the Virgin Mary, Christ and the saints, as well as mystical experiences, whose textual and iconographic impact continues to this day.

Teacher: Gisela von Wobeser
Price: S/260.00

COURSE: The Italian maniera in Peru: Bernardo Bitti and the Word of God at the tip of the brush

The course will illustrate the characteristics of the Mannerist style and its success in 16th and 17th century Peruvian art. Through a historical and artistic journey focused on the figure of Bernardo Bitti and in the light of the latest documentary findings on this artist …

Teacher: Elena Amerio
Price: S/260.00

COURSE: Registration and cataloging of historical-artistic assets

The course will provide fundamental notions of Peruvian cultural heritage. It will take care of the procedures of the inventory, cataloging and registration of the historical-artistic movable cultural property. Preparation of the identification card of a cultural asset and an introduction to the management of the collection through the case of the Pedro de Osma museum.

Teacher: Javier Chuquiray
Price: S/260.00

2021 – Summer

COURSE: Iconography of viceregal art. Allegories and symbols

The course will introduce the student to allegorical and symbolic language in literature and painting. By knowing each one of them and their differences, one can distinguish one from the other. At the end of the course the student will be able to recognize when it is an allegory and when it is a symbol of a text or work of art.

Teacher: Jaime Mariazza
Price: S/260.00

COURSE: The inheritance of the family: conserving at home

We will know general aspects of the care to be carried out to the objects or family collections that we wish to maintain over time. Domestic objects preserve values ​​of family identity that are, in their particular dimension, as significant as those of those objects kept in a museum.

Teacher: Luis Adawi
Price: S/260.00

COURSE: Transgressions and transformations in art: Europe and Peru, a round trip art.

Understand, understand and analyze the art and architecture that developed in the Viceroyalty of Peru interpreting the thoughts of those who executed it. For this, a series of conferences will be given in which it will be shown how the European influence, and mainly Spanish, transformed artistic criteria …

Teacher: Paloma Carcedo
Price: S/260.00

COURSE: Written sources of the iconography of Santa Rosa de Lima

The American spirituality of the modern era was strengthened with the emergence of the cult and the sacred legend of Saint Rose of Lima. His arrival at the altar of sanctity gave a global dimension to the religiosity of the viceroyalties of America. This course will show the main textual sources that make up the santarrosine hagiography.

Teacher: Elio Vélez
Price: S/390.00